Low Carb Kickboxing Lessons?

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Those wishing to get in shape quickly will sign up for kickboxing lessons. They also might want to take advantage of the low carb diet to expedite their weight loss. Do these two go together? The answer is…..not really. Kickboxing helps you burn up a lot of calories because it involves constant motion for a… Read more »

Maximize the Boxing Aspect of Kickboxing

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What is the one area of kickboxing that many practitioners ignore? They have a tendency to ignore really focusing on the boxing aspect. This assessment does not just refer to those taking kickboxing up as a hobby. It also refers to amateurs and pros. Seriously, if you want to be a solid kickboxer then you… Read more »

Kickboxing Combo Video

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Here is a Kickboxing combo video that details another great combo! This 2-count combination consists of 1 Right-Straight and 1 Left Kick. Each Punch can be delivered to head, chest or lower body and the Kick can be delivered to the leg, body or head.

Women’s Self Defense

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I’m starting to get the hang of some of the foundational moves involved in Muay Thai self defense. So far, I’ve participated in three classes and I’ve worked with three different partners. I’m learning a lot from Coach Russell and watching his strikes and kicks, but I’m also learning a lot from the people I’m… Read more »

Training at NWFA

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Being a member at and training at NWFA offers more than attending two classes each week. During my first consult with Coach Russell (a short check-in about goals, how class is going, etc.) he mentioned that there are semi-private sessions I could attend with Chad as part of my membership. I signed up to attend… Read more »

Muay Thai Blog

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I sort of ate my own words after my last Muay Thai class. There actually are some techniques that take some time to learn.For example, there is a move that involves kicking Thai Pads your partner is holding, one knee at a time. It sounds and looks pretty simple; but for me, this was one of… Read more »