Does MMA Build Muscle

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Does MMA Build Muscle? Some individuals train MMA so that they can defend themselves, while others train MMA so that they can build up their confidence. Then there’s the group of people who practice MMA so that they can build muscle. But how practical is this goal? So, does MMA help build muscle in a… Read more »

What is Muay Thai?

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Different martial arts around the world originated for different purposes. For instance, Brazilian jiu-jitsu was created for self-defense. Boxing was created as a form of entertainment. What is Muay Thai? Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing that was created out of necessity in Thailand some time ago. While its roots can be traced as… Read more »

What Does Muay Thai Training Consist Of?

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Any martial art that focuses on strikes will typically include a mixture of live sparring, shadow striking, and heavy bag training. What does Muay Thai training consist of? As you might have already imagined, it’s a fast paced martial art that will build up your endurance and help you better utilize all “weapons” on your… Read more »

What Does Muay Thai Teach?

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Muay Thai is a martial art that places a lot of emphasis on close-range striking. Instructors focus on areas such as elbow strikes, knee strikes, as well as various strikes from the clinch position. What does Muay Thai teach that can help you both inside and outside of the ring? Aside from increasing your health… Read more »

What Do You Do in Muay Thai Classes?

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If you’ve always been interested in martial arts, but you don’t really know what to expect, then this article is for you. What do you do in Muay Thai classes? Despite what you might think, it doesn’t incorporate a constant 2-hour brawl where everyone is trying to knockout each other out. Quite the contrary, Muay Thai… Read more »

Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

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If you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, then turning towards a martial art is definitely a good idea. Is Muay Thai good for weight loss? It’s certainly possible to lose a lot of weight training in this sport – just keep in mind that it’s going to require more than just training… Read more »

Is Muay Thai Good For Self Defense?

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Being able to defend yourself on the streets is an important skill to have, especially if you reside in or around a “rough” neighborhood. With that being said, is Muay Thai good for self defense? While the sport wasn’t originally optimized for that, understanding Muay Thai and all the skillsets that it encompasses (kicks, punches,… Read more »

How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai?

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How Long Does it Take to Learn Muay Thai? In regards to any martial art, including Muay Thai, it’s important not to confuse the terms “Learn” and “Master”. One refers to the act of actually learning the techniques and strategies behind the martial art, while the other refers to the act of actually being able… Read more »