The best Kickboxing Benefits

The sport of kickboxing has become very popular in the last few years as more people become aware of the many kickboxing benefits there are. While this sport has a long and storied history based on which type of kickboxing you wish to learn, in recent years it hasMuay Thai Kickboxing benefits in Portland

gone from another form of combat fought between two opponents in a boxing ring, to one of the most popular forms of cardio workout that

is used to help people lose weight. Kickboxing is considered to be a total body workout as you will learn a series of punches and kicks that will work your entire body during a one hour workout. The average person taking part in this type of workout can burn as many as 450 calories or more. This is the same level of caloric burn that you would get from swimming or going jogging, but without the kickboxing benefits as at the same time you will be toning up the muscles in your body far better than either of these exercises. The average woman may burn as many as 12 calories per minute while they are taking part in kickboxing classes. The highest levels of caloric burning occur when you are performing a combination of lower and upper body kicks.


kickboxing benefits classes in PortlandWhere once men and women entered kickboxing academies to learn this sport to either compete or for self-defense, you will find just as many if not more people taking classes as a part of their overall weight loss program. By focusing on the movements and the exercises that are a part of this sport, you will soon find that you have lost the weight you set out to lose and will at the same time achieve a level of fitness that can only come from enjoying the full kickboxing benefits.

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