Portland BJJ Techniques: The Heel Hook

Guillotine Choke

Whether you are in a real fight, competing, or simply sparring with BJJ, the moment you have a firm Heel Hook in Bjj, your opponent is quickly going to give up the fight because of the pressure it puts on their joints. BJJ is about taking a fight down to a place where it is… Read more »

BJJ for fitness in Portland

JIu Jitsu portland

One of the reasons that people want to start Jiu jitsu fitness training is because of the tremendous benefits jiu jitsu has for physical fitness. People can reach another level of personal fitness without having to spend hours in a gym or going through the same old routine that they have for years. If you walk… Read more »

The Merits of Portland BJJ: Part 2

brazilian jiu jitsu in Portland, OR

The merits of training in Portland BJJ. People often call and ask what some of the benefits of training BJJ really are, what can they really expect? Often the answer is simple and quite open, it depends on what it is you are looking for. There are so many benefits to actively training BJJ that… Read more »

The BJJ Workout

BJJ Portland

Some people are slightly confused when they hear others say that BJJ (short for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) provides a much better workout than the traditional forms of working out do. In order to summarize some of the benefits of The BJJ Workout compared to the traditional workout methods, here are a few reasons as to… Read more »

Self-Defense For Absolute Beginners – 7 Tips to Remember

brazilian jiu jitsu in Portland, OR

BJJ Self-Defense for Beginners – 7 Tips to Remember First and foremost, starting out in BJJ Self-Defense for Beginners classes is just like starting out in anything else – you aren’t going to be that good in the beginning. But don’t worry, because that’s expected. Let’s take a look at 7 tips that you should… Read more »