Jiu Jitsu Headlock Escapes

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You really cannot deny the fact that the headlock is among the top two or three most common
positions you will find yourself if you have the unfortunate luck of becoming involved with a
street altercation. Why is this so? Basically, if a person assaults you at close range and is not
getting the better of the fight, the headlock becomes a rather cheap way of gaining control of the
altercation. this is why Jiu Jitsu Headlock Escapes are so essential.


Jiu Jitsu Headlock Escapes

Generally, the headlock is also used as a means of taking the fight to the ground. Once you areon the ground in a headlock, you are in great danger of being hit repeatedly by an opponent thatis in a much more superior position. This is definitely not a good thing which is why headlockescapes are among the most important Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques to learn.

There are two common Gracie Jiu Jitsu escapes when an opponent has you headlocked on the
ground. These two escapes are based on whether or not the opponent’s upper torso is close to or
far away from your upper body. If he is not close then you can make a frame with your hand and
arms and push his head away and come to your knees while pushing him to the ground. If he is
close then you need to hug him and work to your knees and go around his back. Both of these
methods will get you out of a tough situation.


Speaking of the Jiu Jitsu Headlock Escapes… The Guillotine Choke from the Guard:


Obviously, the description of how the techniques are to be performed makes it all sound a little
easy. It is never easy to get out of a headlock that is executed by someone who is bigger,
stronger and more aggressive. This is why you do need to invest a lot of time drilling the escapes
with your training partners. This is the only way you will become proficient with your escapes.

Once you do become proficient with headlock escapes, you can feel somewhat confident you can
deal with one of the most common of all street attack scenarios.

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