portland jiu jitsu trainingSome people have asked me why I decided to train at a  Portland Jiu Jitsu school instead of going to the gym and have a quick run to stay in shape. Because I would like to have the ability to express myself and have an article to point friends and family towards so I can stop answering the same old question, portland jiu jitsu training is why I decided to write down my thoughts about how Jiu Jitsu has changed my life.

Forget fighting, portland jiu jitsu training makes me look good. 🙂

For starters, let me begin with the most basic reason why anyone ever works out – to feel and look better. Ever since I have started training I have noticed that I am feeling more confident about how I look. My body feels more toned and while you will not see me lifting up a car anytime soon, I feel much stronger overall. I notice it when I am trying to open something like a jar, or when I lift something that requires me to use my arms exclusively, my grip has become much stronger. Add to that the fact that I feel I have more endurance, while I am certainly not going to volunteer to run a marathon any time soon, I feel that Jiu Jitsu has given me better cardiovascular endurance.

 A Portland Jiu Jitsu Tournament:

The second part of why I train Jiu Jitsu is something I had not anticipated, the confidence factor. I feel confident walking down the street by myself at night. I feel Jiu Jitsu made me a stronger person in the fact that I am still cautious, but not afraid. I feel I have empowered myself through doing BJJ and it is an amazing feeling.


The third part was also unexpected for me, it revolves around the challenge and the feeling of togetherness. Before I trained BJJ I did go to the gym to run, stretch, lift weights etc. I would put on my iPod and not interact with anyone – go in, work out, and leave. However, with Jiu Jitsu, you are competing directly with other people and it feels amazing, it pushes you to become better. And the best part about training Jiu Jitsu is the fact that the person who is better than you is not some jerk that is going to smirk at you, instead they are going to be able to teach you and bring you to their level rather than keep you down. This means that you always have a challenge when you go train.


When I first moved to Portland, OR I hardly knew anyone because I was relocating for work. However, thanks to training again, I credit Portland Jiu Jitsu community with me becoming more social as well. If you are not sure if Jiu Jitsu is right for you, the best thing I can suggest to you is that you give it a shot, give it a try and see if you like it. Maybe you will not, but there is a good chance you will be hooked just like I was.

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