Gracie Jiu JItsu school in portlandAmong the first Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques for attacking from the side control would be the
“walking armbar.” This armbar probably has a number of different names but the general
concept of the armbar never changes. This is a side control armlock that attacks the far arm.

The far arm refers to the arm that is on the opposite side of where you are pinning. So, if you are
pinning your opponent from the left side of his body, you would be setting your sights on
attacking the arm on the right side of the body. This requires you to travel around the body
which is why it is colloquially called the walking armbar. (By some)

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Most commonly, this armbar is executed when the person on the bottom has a bad defensive
posture and the arm is not protected by placing in proper posture under the opponent performing
the pin’s torso. When you opponent makes such a mistake you should secure his arm and them
work your way 180 degrees around his body to place yourself in the armbar position.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu classes in portlandThe trick to doing this is moving around the body with your legs while also pinning him down
with your upper body. It is critical that you maintain your weight on him as you walk around the
body or else he simply will escape by bridging up and out. You definitely won’t lean all the fine
points of being able to pin an opponent while you are moving in a semi-circle the first time you
try so you will need to really work at getting this technique down. Doing so will be well worth
the effort since it is an excellent high percentage technique and it aids in teaching you proper
mobility on the ground. Investing time to become a master at it is well worth it.

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