Gracie Jiu Jitsu classHaving heard so much about a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Class, you are likely very thrilled about taking your first
class. You might even have a few expectations in mind. The class itself might be a little different
than what you expected so you should be aware of what will occur the very first class you take.

Obviously, the first session you have at a particular school will be a relaxed and designed more
to introduce you to the art itself. You might have seen a lot of cool moves on the internet but you
probably won’t be taught how to perform them your first day. Here is some news: you don’t
want to perform any of those flashy moves either. They take a bit much to coordinate and you
would be far better served sticking with simple, basic techniques.

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This is not to say you first sessions will be a dull one. The instructor knows you are enthused and
want to have a lot of fun. So, a good instructor will try to make the intro class very exciting for

Your first Gracie Jiu Jitsu class will commonly deal with providing basic instruction on self-defense. This could include dealing with aggressive collar grabs from a standing position or having to deal with
someone “getting in your face” and hauling off to hit you. Commonly, the way this is addressed
is through clinching and giving the aggressor a hip throw.

A BJJ Student Discusses His Jiu Jitsu School:

Gracie Jiu Jitsu frequently points out that one of the most dangerous positions to be in would be
the mount. The class will likely spend time on the ground showing the basic escapes from the
mount. While it can take a lifetime to learn all the fine points of escaping the mount of a skilled
BJJ player, learning how to escape the mount in a self-defense scenario could literally take as
little as one lesson.

Those new to a class would probably want to learn a few submissions from the arsenal of Gracie
Jiu Jitsu techniques. Commonly, bent armlocks and collar chokes from the mount would be the
first ones taught so you may see them during your first class.

Of course, this is just a possible way an intro to Gracie Jiu Jitsu could be taught. There can be
many other approaches but the goal will always be on ensuring those taking part in the class find
their first intro to be a lot of fun.