Kickboxing Academy Basics

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Kickboxing Academy Basics If you find yourself interested in learning to kickbox with a view to entering into competition or simply to reap the incredible cardio benefits that it offers, you are going to need to find the right Kickboxing Academy to meet your needs. When you live in a relatively large metropolitan area, you… Read more »

Low Carb Kickboxing Lessons?

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Those wishing to get in shape quickly will sign up for kickboxing lessons. They also might want to take advantage of the low carb diet to expedite their weight loss. Do these two go together? The answer is…..not really. Kickboxing helps you burn up a lot of calories because it involves constant motion for a… Read more »

Maximize the Boxing Aspect of Kickboxing

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What is the one area of kickboxing that many practitioners ignore? They have a tendency to ignore really focusing on the boxing aspect. This assessment does not just refer to those taking kickboxing up as a hobby. It also refers to amateurs and pros. Seriously, if you want to be a solid kickboxer then you… Read more »

Kickboxing Combo Video

Train Kickboxing in Portland

Here is a Kickboxing combo video that details another great combo! This 2-count combination consists of 1 Right-Straight and 1 Left Kick. Each Punch can be delivered to head, chest or lower body and the Kick can be delivered to the leg, body or head.

Will Muay Thai Improve Balance?

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Having good balance doesn’t only help you in martial arts – it can benefit you greatly in life. Will Muay Thai improve balance? Most certainly, especially if you supplement your training with exercises that focus primarily on improving balance. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can increase balance for this sport. Click… Read more »

Does MMA Build Muscle

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Does MMA Build Muscle? Some individuals train MMA so that they can defend themselves, while others train MMA so that they can build up their confidence. Then there’s the group of people who practice MMA so that they can build muscle. But how practical is this goal? So, does MMA help build muscle in a… Read more »

Build Confidence With Kickboxing

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What you will love about turning to kickboxing for self defense is that you gain something really wonderful in the process—some amazing confidence! This is not your typical workout and you are not going to learn just any movements. You will find that you get a great workout, but more importantly that you learn some… Read more »