The Benefits of Tai Chi

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Those who teach Tai chi movements are always talking about thebenefits of tai chi to the consumer public. These benefits include increased health, wellness, balance, strength, peace of mind, self-defense, etc. All of these perceived benefits of tai chi can greatly enhance a person’s ability to live a better quality and longer life. These claims… Read more »

Muay Thai Techniques

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Muay Thai is a hard striking martial art originating in the battlefields of Thailand. This time tested art has a rich history and legends involving it’s use are deeply woven into the culture of the Thai people. Muay Thai is also known as the science of eight limbs due to it’s use of eight primary… Read more »

Guru Ted LucayLucay

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Guro Ted LucayLucay was born on the island of Kauai (Hawaii). He was exposed to the martial arts from a young age. His father, Guro Lucky LucayLucay, is said to be the originator of Panantukan (Filipino Boxing). Though, Lucky himself would that “it was all Kali…” emphasizing that the weapon and empty hand arts were… Read more »

Muay Thai – Straight Jab

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  Straight Jab Punch Body Alignments: The key to a good jab is proper alignment and unifying the whole body into the same movement. The lead knee is slightly bent. Locking it would cause counter force and interfere with your movement. The hand moves as though it is on rails during the strike and recoil…. Read more »

Downward Muay Thai Elbow

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  Downward Muay Thai Elbow Body Alignments: The striking arm is forty five degrees above the shoulder out from the side of the body. The palm has rotated in until it faces out toward the opponent. The defending arm is in the same position mentioned in the Horizontal and Upward Muay Thai Elbows; wrist braced… Read more »

Upward Muay Thai Elbow

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  Upward Muay Thai Elbow Body Alignments: The striking arm is forty five degrees out from the side of the body. The palm of the striking arm faces out toward the opposite side of your body. As with the Horizontal Muay Thai Elbow you must defend the head with the opposite arm. Brace to wrist… Read more »

Muay Thai Straight Knee

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  Muay Thai Straight Knee Body Alignments: When working the Muay Thai Straight Knee the striking knee is just above hip height and driving forward from the hip. The heel is lifted on the root foot and the foot pivots as you drive the knee forward. The hips rotate to a 45 degree angle and… Read more »

Kali-Eskrima-Arnis Weapons

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There are a number of sticks and bladed weapons used by the practitioners of Kali, Eskrima and Arnis. The sticks or blunt weapons of kali, eskrima and arnis include: the yantok (also called baston or garrote), with standard lengths ranging from twenty four to twenty eight inches; the largo mano yantok ranging from twenty eight-thirty… Read more »

Muay Thai Foot Jab

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Muay Thai Foot Jab Alignments: There are two possible hand positions with the Mauy Thai Foot Jab. A- Knuckles of both hands pressing into the forehead elbows tucked down to the ribs; double cover position. B- The lead shoulder turns forward and rolls up to hide the chin. The lead arm runs down the side… Read more »

Dan Inosanto: The Most Prestigious

Guru Dan Inosanto had been exposed to the martial arts as a child but in his own words “I didn’t really take an interest in such things until I got to college.” His first serious involvement in the martial arts came after he had completed his term in the Armed Services where he was exposed… Read more »