Ever notice how fluid and smooth highly experienced kickboxers are when they hit the pads, work on the bag or shadow box? Their combinations are sharp and each technique is practiced with intent every time. Through consistent practice they make it seem like it’s second nature.

In Kickboxing there are many combinations one can learn and later make up. Each has their own time and place that they are used, and can be modified to fit the situation. Before getting into the combos however, it’s important to realize the significance of having good form and technique.

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Technique and Body Movement

Having clean technique is essential for a kickboxer, and only through practice can each technique get to a level where it can be performed without thinking about it. Along with clean technique, a kickboxer knows how to relax as well. Since the body gets tired faster if it is tense, kickboxers learn how to relax their body to be efficient with their energy and use their strength only when they have to. Each strike is delivered using different parts of the body and are all connected.

One example of this is the jab. It’s one of the most important tools in a kickboxer’s arsenal. It can be used as a rangefinder and to gauge the defenses of another person. From a Western Boxing standpoint, it’s the punch that is practiced the most and many professional boxers have enough power in their jab to match most people’s rear hand, or their power hand. The jab is thrown with the whole body, generating power from the foot, hip and shoulder.

Combinations and Applications

So what are some combinations used in Kickboxing? One combo that is commonly practiced here at NWFA is the Standard-4. As the name suggests, it’s a four count combo taught at the beginning level but is also used in advanced training. It teaches students how to move from kicking range into punching range and then back out to kicking range in a short combination. This combo also gives students a chance to feel how to transition between each strike smoothly while keeping the same intensity the whole time. The combination goes:

1. Left Kick

2. Right Straight

3. Left Hook

4. Right Kick

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Check out this video for the Standard-4 (Refresh the page if the video doesn’t load):

Remember each combination is not set and stone. Each can be modified to make it fit the situation or add to the combo. The standard-4 is no exception; knees elbows and even the clinch can be added to the combination to extend it.