Benefits, Benefits, Benefits…

There are many articles written out there that all say the same thing, “Kickboxing can give you an amazing workout and get you in great shape while learning how to defend yourself.”

What they say is true, people compare its intensity to sprinting for an hour non-stop with the added benefit of a full body workout. It’s fun, fast-paced and can be very effective if applied correctly. What they don’t say is it can be so much more than just another way to lose weight or learn a form of self-defense.

Building Character

In general, any kind of martial art is a form of self-discipline; they show the practitioner their limits and how to break past those limits with time and practice. Kickboxing is no exception, it can really show someone’s limits after practice. Whether it be their cardio, strength or even their mindset, many find themselves at the edge of their limits and are able to push past it with their partner and coach’s support.

After a while, the support isn’t as necessary because many learn to push themselves on their own as they start breaking through them. This results in being able to do things that they wouldn’t think was possible before. People tend work harder in the presence of others. In the video below, one of our students Alden talks about her experience with her training and how it has helped push through her other challenges in life.


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How can this apply to you?

We all have our own idea of what our limits and weaknesses are. It’s up to you whether or not that will hold you back.

Next time you’re in class, ask a coach about how you can push past your limits. Once you understand it you will see yourself improve exponentially when you are able to recognize your limits and push past them. This goes for everything, not just Kickboxing.