Repetition is Key

Repetition is key to wiring anything into the brain. It can be easier for some people and harder for the rest, but with consistent practice it can be possible. The techniques in Kickboxing require just that, practice. It’s extremely important to practice a technique that doesn’t feel natural but also important not to neglect older techniques as well. It’s always important to look at a technique from a new perspective, and see what can be improved on. It’s one thing to go through the movements and another to understand them and how they work with the body.


Quality Over Quantity

When practicing any kind Kickboxing moves (punches, kicks, etc.), Make Every Repetition Count. Give it 100% every time so that each repetition on a technique is focused and has intent with every rep. This kind of practice will pay off in the long run; a rule that some of our more committed students use here at NWFA is: 1 good rep = +1 rep; 1 bad rep = -10 reps. In other words for every bad rep, take away ten good reps. This really forces students to stay focused and think about the technique instead of just going through it. *Think about this the next time you practice on your own. Make sure your technique is sharp and with good form, keep yourself focused.

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Check out this video isolating a more challenging technique:

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“…Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”

A quote from the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. This is true for any kind of activity; always try to give it 100% and it will pay off in the end. Keep yourself motivated and hungry for more by always thinking critically of your techniques. Don’t get too comfortable with where you are, or else you won’t see any improvement.

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