Qigong Form – Preparation

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Eight Silken Brocades Qigong – Commencement: Stand with your feet together, your hands lightly resting at your sides. Then step out with the right foot to the right corner. The hands raise and your right hand to the center of your chest and form a fist with the forearm angled down at forty-five degrees. The… Read more »

Qigong Form – Draw Bow

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Step into a deep bow stance while circling the arms back behind your body and around until they cross at chest height, wrist to wrist. The hands form light fists with the right hand in front. Inhale – Shift the weight lightly to the right, then fully to the left while turning your waist left… Read more »

Qigong Form – Shadow Boxing

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  Step into a Horse Stance and draw the hands up to the lower ribs at each side forming fists. Inhale – Extend the left arm forward at shoulder height. The hand is mostly open with strong tension curling all of the fingers slightly into a claw shape. Exhale – A forceful exhale completely emptying… Read more »

Portland Kids Martial Arts – Congratulations to January’s Student of the Month, Xekiel!

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Xekiel is a very active 4 year old. When he’s not practicing martial arts, he’s either snowboarding or skateboarding. Even though he’s only been skateboarding for six months, he already knows how to lean into half pipes! The most difficult thing he’s accomplished in his life is a 9-mile bike ride with no training wheels…. Read more »