Qigong Form – Shadow Boxing

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  Step into a Horse Stance and draw the hands up to the lower ribs at each side forming fists. Inhale – Extend the left arm forward at shoulder height. The hand is mostly open with strong tension curling all of the fingers slightly into a claw shape. Exhale – A forceful exhale completely emptying… Read more »

BJJ, How to Improve Your Guard

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By Jeff Patterson 8/7/09 When training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it is important to understand the guard game. Not that you must always go for the guard and work on guard strategies, but it is an essential part of your Jiu jitsu game. Having a good guard in your Brazilian Jiu jitsu training will give you… Read more »

Chen Style Tai Chi

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By Jeff Patterson 5/27/09 The Chen style of tai chi is the oldest and parent form of the five main tai chi chuan styles. It is third in terms of worldwide popularity compared to the other main taijiquan styles. Chen style tai chi is characterized by its lower stances, more explicit Silk reeling (chan si… Read more »

Horizontal Muay Thai Elbow

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Horizontal Muay Thai Elbow Body Alignments: The striking arm is parallel to the ground in line with the shoulder. The palm of the striking arm faces the ground. The defending arm is bent at a 90 degree angle and the inside of the wrist the braced against the forehead (or the palm is braced on… Read more »

The NWFA Portland Fitness Challenge


Everyone should have the opportunity to live Healthy & Fit The Portland Fitness Challenges are Free for everyone in the community.  NWFA is committed to promoting health and fitness for all. In your first session you will: Do some warm-ups and light stretching Learn safe and effective form for the exercises Take your first Portland… Read more »

Arko De Cadena

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Level Title/Rank Color Designation Phase I 1) Introduction No Stripe 2) Beginner 1 White Stripe 3) Novice 1 White & 1 Blue Stripe 4) Sincere 1 White & 2 Blue Stripes 5) Inspired 1 White & 3 Blue Stripes Phase II 6) Knowledgeable 1 Blue & 1 Red Stripe 7) Advanced 1 Blue & 2… Read more »

The Thirteen Postures of Tai Chi Chuan

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Tai Chi Chuan is sometimes referred to as “Thirteen postures” or “Thirteen patterns”, these patterns include “Eight Jin Patterns,” also called the “Eight Doors” and five foot work patterns referred to as the “Five Strategic Stepping patterns”. According to the Tai Chi Chuan classics the eight Jin patterns are related to the eight trigrams (BaGua)… Read more »

Tai Chi Sword

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By Jeff Patterson 5/21/2009 In China the sword is highly respected and is considered the “king of the short weapons”. The Jian (tai chi sword) is a narrow-bladed, double-edged sword that requires the highest of skill and spirit for one to effectively use it. In addition to it’s martial use, the tai chi sword has… Read more »