Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: Work at Shuttles Right

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From the Stand on One Leg Right position – Start this tai chi movement by stepping down into a bow stance toward your left corner. The hands move into a “hold-the-ball” position with the left hand on top. Turn the waist to the center, drawing the right foot up into a cat stance position. Step… Read more »

Yang 24 Form – Tai Chi Movement: High Pat the Horse

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  From Single Whip – Sink the rest of the weight into the left foot and let that shift pull the right foot up, stepping the feet lightly together with both toes pointed forward. As we step both hands extend lightly, forearms rotating until both palms are pressing up lightly at shoulder height. Sink the… Read more »

Qigong Form – Preparation

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Eight Silken Brocades Qigong – Commencement: Stand with your feet together, your hands lightly resting at your sides. Then step out with the right foot to the right corner. The hands raise and your right hand to the center of your chest and form a fist with the forearm angled down at forty-five degrees. The… Read more »

Qigong Form – Draw Bow

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Step into a deep bow stance while circling the arms back behind your body and around until they cross at chest height, wrist to wrist. The hands form light fists with the right hand in front. Inhale – Shift the weight lightly to the right, then fully to the left while turning your waist left… Read more »