Select the Right Diet Plan to Complement Your MMA Workouts

Competitive MMA fighters need to be physically fit and active at a very high level. From training to the real match, you need to keep your stamina and energy high. And the best way to achieve this is to follow a proper diet plan.

Also, it’s important to follow a proper diet plan because you’ll need to make weight in order to qualify. Not making weight means not being able to compete.


Diet Plan

According to the American Council on Exercise, MMA fighters need to take three times more calories than the normal recommended daily requirement. Now, these calories do not certainly mean that you acquire them by eating unhealthy food because calories obtained from unhealthy foods like burgers, chips and bakery products contain saturated fats that make your body lethargic and fatigued.

The best way to ensure proper type and amount of calories is follow a well-balanced diet plan, designed according to your body mass, weight and height. A proper diet plan can be developed for you by your trainer or a professional nutritionist.



A high level of protein diet is very important for mixed martial arts fighters. This helps them prevent losing lean mass from intensive and rigorous anaerobic and cardio training, including weight lifting. Therefore, your diet plan must include food rich in proteins, such as legumes, protein shakes, whey, eggs, fish, and turkey. The intake of protein also depends on the intensity of your workouts and your metabolism.

Good Fats

Your diet plan should also include good fats like omega fatty acids. These are high in calories and essential fish oil which are good for your body. They help you maintain muscle mass and keeps your energy high during interval sparring and training.


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MMA Fighters are advised by practitioners to intake typically complex carbohydrates as these are an excellent source of quick energy. The best sources of complex carbohydrates are beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal. They contain fiber that improves your digestion and keeps you fit mentally and physically.

The combination of a perfect diet plan with intensive MMA fitness training can help prepare for MMA competition. It will keep you energized and focused for hours.