What you will love about turning to kickboxing for self defense is that you gain something really wonderful in the process—some amazing confidence! This is not your typical workout and you are not going to learn just any movements. You will find that you get a great workout, but more importantly that you learn some fantastic ways of defending yourself and the confidence that comes along with all of this is simply astonishing.


Many find that they try out kickboxing as just a way of getting fit. It will really work in that realm but you will also gain so much more in the process. You will enjoy the movements and start to think of how you can apply them into a self defense type of situation. You will hopefully never need these skills, but they are great to have throughout life. Many people don’t think of building up self defense skills until it is unfortunately too late, and kickboxing can be an excellent proactive measure that’s good to learn early on in life.

Confidence Comes Along With Many Wonderful Skills As Well

What many people don’t expect to find out of kickboxing is the wonderful confidence that they enjoy as they move throughout each workout. There is something very empowering about performing kicks and punches and then putting them together into wonderful combination movements that you can’t believe you are executing. All the while as you are moving throughout these great kickboxing movements, you are feeling powerful, strong, and it occurs to you that are also feeling very confident while you do this. That is unexpected and yet really wonderful to gain this inner strength, in addition to the outer strength of this regimen.


Portland Kickboxing Video: Thai Rear Kick Counter

So as you take on a great kickboxing workout, think of how it will benefit you in the long run. Not only will you learn how to feel stronger, both inside and out, but you can defend yourself in any type of situation. You feel confident, which means that you are stronger on the outside and the inside. Many people find that kickboxing helps them to get over fears and helps them to be a more extroverted and capable person. There is nothing quite like kickboxing to help you to gain strength in every sense of the word. If you want to learn how to defend yourself, how to feel stronger and more fit, and also to gains some great confidence, then kickboxing is inevitably the best possible choice you can find.