The Kickboxing Workout: Being The Best

Kickboxing in Portland

You are capable of so much more than you realize, and something like the kickboxing workout is what will help you to get there. Though so many of us focus on physical fitness and well being, the big picture involves much more than that. Your emotional and mental well being is also factored in, and… Read more »

Kickboxing for Women

women’s kickboxing

Kickboxing for Women is a Great Workout! We tend to look at martial arts as something for men, but you will find that an excellent workout regimen is kickboxing for women. Not only do you get in a great cardio workout, but you can also use it for strengthening and toning. Sure it’s intense and… Read more »

MMA Gear

MMA in Portland

MMA Gear Makes Mixed Martial Arts Training Safer To become an MMA fighter and enjoy battling it out in the cage with your opponent in front of an electrifying crowd of millions of fans, you need to acquire proper training and of course, gear up properly to avoid injuries during fights. Originally, MMA sports began… Read more »

BJJ Competition Techniques

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Learn These 5 BJJ Competition Techniques to Improve Your Competitive Jiu Jitsu Game Brazilian jujitsu competitions give you the opportunity to test your skills against other grapplers and identify weaknesses in your grappling game. If you’ve ever been to a competition before, then you’ll know that some techniques are used more often than others. We’ve… Read more »

A Triangle Choke For Self Defense

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a wide range of highly effective self-defense methods and—unlike many martial arts—you have the opportunity to practice these techniques against a resisting opponent. One of the most popular and effective techniques in BJJ is the triangle choke. The triangle choke is usually applied from your back, although it is possible to… Read more »

This MMA Workout Provides Super Endurance And Extreme Power

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Whether you want to pound your opponent down in a cage match or you simply want to learn self defense for safety purposes, the MMA Workout 3 Phase Program is your answer. The Next Generation Intensive Training Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fitness is the next generation intensive training program that synchronizes and combines several authentic… Read more »

Kickboxing For Moms

Women’s Self Defense in Portland

Lose the Baby Weight with Kickboxing For Moms! New moms or even well-established moms often have a hard time getting into a good workout regimen, but kickboxing may be the answer. Far too many women out there assume that boxing or kickboxing or anything that is strenuous like that is geared towards men. This simply… Read more »