NW Fighting Arts                                 2014

Monthly News Letter



What’s new with NW Fighting Arts:


– Sub-League competition was on Feb. 1st, congrats to those who competed!

–  Training in AFT? There has been a new AFT class added!

– Congratulations to those who tested in Muay Thai and BJJ on January 28th!

– Wanting to compete? Coach Karl has started a class dedicated to competition training!




  • Congratulations to those who tested on the 28th of January! Remember if you are wanting to test, just ask for help with curriculum! For those interested in testing in BJJ, the next test date is March 11th (3/11/14).


Muay Thai:

  • Congratulations to those who tested on the 28th of January! The upper level tests will be held on February 8th. Need to work on curriculum? Just ask for help! For those interested in testing in Muay Thai, the next test date is March 11th (3/11/14)

  • Training in AFT? A new class has been added. These classes will be on Tuesday and Thursday after the 12PM class focusing more on technique, preparing you for tests, and helping you become more efficient in sparring. The classes will be 20 minutes long.  Geared towards those looking for help.


Internal Arts:

Did you know we have an official curriculum? It can be a wonderful tool to help guide and motivate your practice. It includes warm-up and meditation exercises to tonify the mind and body, the martial art forms you’ve been practicing in class, and some of the philosophy fueling the art. Additionally, if you’re interested in teaching, this is the material through which you can receive certification from Northwest Fighting Arts. If you’re interested, speak with one of our instructors; we’ll make sure you get a copy, and we’re always happy to help you define the goals necessary to achieve success in the Internal Arts.


Interested in competition?


Coach Karl Moody has now for the past 2-months been helping train people for competition. Recently he has trained a group of people focused on BJJ and took them to the Sub-League competition which was held on the 1st of this month. He is prepared to get you prepared! He welcomes all those who want to compete in MMA, BJJ, BOXING, you name it! Want to know more? Come to the competition classes he’s running on Fridays and Sundays of each week!

Want to get connected with NW Fighting Arts community? Check out our blog for workout tips, training videos, and members only section!