Kickboxing for Fitness Improves Your Cardio and Endurance

Many people feel challenged or even out of breath when they begin their first kickboxing class or video. This can be a rather intense workout and you may even feel unprepared or overwhelmed by the way it makes you feel at first. What this goes to show is that so few of us are at the fitness level that we should be or that we are capable of, and so it’s time to make some important changes.


Most of us can stand to gains some improvements when it comes to our overall fitness. The truth is that unless you are in top shape you can always stand to gain some momentum on your fitness overall. The great thing to know is that kickboxing is a wonderful way to get you there as you work towards your fitness goals. Know that those goals may change as you move forward, but they are going to take you to places that you never dreamed possible.



The first time that you try kickboxing you may feel that you won’t even make it through. With the punches, the kicks, and the full body workout it can be challenging. You are incorporating strength, stability, endurance, and even flexibility as you power through the workout. Don’t let this scare you, but rather look to kickboxing as an effective way to help you make notable changes to your fitness routine.

Learn to embrace the challenge that kickboxing offers you and establish some fitness goals. It may initially be simply to make it through a class without quitting, but it will evolve from there. Commit to a full kickboxing routine at least a couple of times per week and see how much your overall level of fitness changes and evolves as you move forward with your life.


Portland Kickboxing Technique: Kickboxing for Fitness at Northwest Fighting Arts


You will not only notice the changes in your body from kickboxing, but you will also start to notice that you can handle much more—this is great news as it means that your fitness level is improving. Embrace these changes and keep trying new things, more advanced movements, or more challenging regimens. Everyone has a starting point and when it comes to fitness, kickboxing makes for a great way to jump start yours and work towards everlasting and significant changes. When you look back on where you started you will be amazed at how far you have come in your fitness level, and kickboxing is precisely the element to get you there.