Muay Thai is a hard striking martial art originating in the battlefields of Thailand. This time tested art has a rich history and legends involving it’s use are deeply woven into the culture of the Thai people. Muay Thai is also known as the science of eight limbs due to it’s use of eight primary striking points; the two hands, elbows, knees and the feet/shins.Muay-Thai-photos-088

Combinations of techniques utilizing these Muay Thai techniques allow the fighter to cover three of the five ranges of hand to hand competition. The Muay Thai artist utilizes knees and elbows in close/standing-grappling range, hand striking and knees in mid range and the powerful thai kicks in long range. Muay Thai techniques are typified by clean powerful movements which emphasize effectiveness and avoid unnecessary flourish. The core techniques of Muay Thai and relatively straightforward to learn and allow a disciplined student to become able to competently defend themselves in a short period of time. Within the directness of the techniques there are levels of subtlety of use and combination that provide a lifetime of reward and challenging refinement.

Following are some of the core techniques of Muay Thai. Included are descriptions of each technique, guides to performing them properly and simple examples of how to combine them effectively with other Muay Thai strikes. These guides are intended as reference for students of the art and a resource to better understand Muay Thai for those who are curious and considering taking up the training. Attempting to train yourself from written materials will be insufficient. Always seek qualified instruction in your area.

Primary Muay Thai Techniques:


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