Right Straight Punch Body Alignments:

With the Right Straight Punch the arm is 98% extended with the elbow pointing down.
The chin is tucked and the shoulder is rolled up to cover the side of the jaw. The bones of the hand are in line with the bones of the forearm and the palm side of the hand faces the ground. Strike with the first two knuckles of the hand when delivering the Right Straight Punch. The right heel is kicked out to the side and the knees are lightly bent. The left hand is in contact with the left cheekbone in the “on-the-phone” position.

Right Straight Punch Movement:

The motion of the cross punch starts in the right hand and the body follows behind in a sudden wave. Fire the fist straight forward on the attack and straight back on the recoil from the cross punch. The right hip turns sharply into the strike causing the right heel to kick out to the side. As the Right Straight Punch extends the left hand draws in from it’s normal guard to the cheekbone.

Right Straight Punch Combination examples:

  • Jab
  • Right Straight Punch
  • Left Hook
  • Right Straight Punch
  • Slip Left & Right Straight Punch
  • Left Hook to body
  • Right Horizontal Elbow to head
  • Single Arm Shield and Catch
  • Right Straight Punch