Muay Thai Straight Knee Body Alignments:

When working the Muay Thai Straight Knee the striking knee is just above hip height and driving forward from the hip.
DSC_0127The heel is lifted on the root foot and the foot pivots as you drive the knee forward. The hips rotate to a 45 degree angle and lead shoulder rolls up to protect the jaw. The lead arm runs down the side of the body to protect the ribs. The rear hand comes across to the lead shoulder. The chin tucks down to hide behind the rear hand.


Muay Thai Straight Knee Movement:

From your Muay Thai Kicking Stance raise your striking knee to aim at the opponent’s mid-section. Torque the hips to drive the knee forward into the target while allowing the root foot to pivot into the motion. The lead arm drop to protect the body and the lead hand snaps across to the lead shoulder which protects the chin. Recoil from the Muay Thai Straight Knee by reversing these movements back into your kick stance.


Muay Thai Straight Knee Combination Examples:

  • Lifting parry opponent’s cross
  • Right Straight Muay Thai Knee to exposed ribs
  • Chip step back and Right Muay Thai Kick
  • Right Thai Kick
  • Right Muay Thai Straight Knee
  • Chip step back and Right Thai Kick