Upward Muay Thai Elbow Body Alignments:

The striking arm is forty five degrees out from the side of the body. The palm of the striking arm faces out toward the opposite side of your body. As with the Horizontal Muay Thai Elbow you must defend the head with the opposite arm.

What Does Muay Thai Teach?

Brace to wrist of the defending arm against your forehead to defend against counter elbows. The hip has turned into the movement and is pointing at the opponent. The hip rotation causes the heel of the foot on the striking side to pivot out.

Upward Muay Thai Elbow Movement:

From your kick stance when your deliver your Upward Muay Thai Elbow move the non-striking hand in and brace it to the forehead to defend. Leading with the hand and the hip, the hand of the striking arm swings up and across, past the head, until it is in line with your opposite ear. All the power of this technique comes from your core. Shift your weight to the non-striking side as you sharply turn the hip and rise into the strike. Allow the non-weighted foot to pivot freely with the movement. When you deliver the Upward Muay Thai Elbow, strike with the last two inches of the forearm, driving all of your leg and core strength into the blow. Reverse these movements to recoil back into your Muay Thai Kick Stance.

Upward Muay Thai Elbow Combinations:

  • Slip and zone to the outside of an opponent’s straight punch
  • Upward Muay Thai Elbow to the ribsHorizontal Muay Thai Elbow to the jaw
  • Check the shoulder of an opponent’s Lead Hook
  • Immediately Upward Muay Thai Elbow to the chin as they reset