Muay Thai Foot Jab Alignments: There are two possible hand positions with the Mauy Thai Foot Jab.

MMA PortlandA- Knuckles of both hands pressing into the forehead elbows tucked down to the ribs; double cover position. B- The lead shoulder turns forward and rolls up to hide the chin. The lead arm runs down the side of the body to protect the ribs and the rear hand comes across to the lead shoulder hiding the jaw. The jabbing leg is mostly straight and the foot is aimed for the opponent’s hip, stomach, chest or face. The root foot pivots to a 45 degree angle and the heel lifts off the floor

Muay Thai Foot Jab Movement:

From the Thai Kick stance lift your attacking leg with the leg mostly straight. Drive the hip forward to plant the ball of the foot into your target on the opponent. As you do so the hands move into cover position A or B.
Recoil from the foot jab by drawing the hip back and stepping immediately into your kick stance.


Muay Thai Foot Jab Combinations:

Use the rear foot jab to the hip in order to check the opponent’s kick – Shoot into the clinch – Follow up with knees. Use the Long lead Muay Thai Foot Jab to chest or stomach to check the opponent’s attempt to close in for the attack – Left Muay Thai Kick while the opponent is momentarily disrupted. Step in and deliver a Left Muay Thai Foot Jab to the opponent’s chest – Right Muay Thai Kick – Left Hook – Right Straight Punch – Left Muay Thai Kick