Muay Thai Cup Knee Body Alignments:

This technique is worked from the clinch. The root foot has pivoted so that the heel points slightly toward the opponent. With the Muay Thai Cup Knee the side of your knee is striking into the opponent’s ribs or head. Your arms have pulled into the shoulder on your striking side.

Muay Thai Cup Knee Movement:

In the clinch position with the opponent’s head pulled down toward your shoulder.
DSC_0151Your elbows shoulder be squeezing together to maintain the clinch and control the opponent. The feet are turned out for stability. From your rhythm step one foot toward the opponent’s centerline and lift the striking knee up and out to your side. Wrench the opponent’s head toward the striking knee while you torque the hips in the opposite direction. Drive the knee into the ribs or, if you can pull it down far enough, to the opponent’s head.

Muay Thai Cup Knee Combinations:

From the clinch:

Counter the opponent’s knee by dragging them off balance – Deliver the Muay Thai Cup Knee before they resettle – Shoot the hips back and deliver a Muay Thai Straight Knee.

From Striking:

Slip to the outside of the opponent’s Right Straight Punch – Shoot in for the side clinch, trapping the opponent’s arm – Muay Thai Cup Knee to the lower back as you close the gap – Cup Knee to the stomach – Apply Right and Left Muay Thai Cup Knees until the opponent collapses or the position changes.