Muay Thai Foot Jab

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Muay Thai Foot Jab Alignments: There are two possible hand positions with the Mauy Thai Foot Jab. A- Knuckles of both hands pressing into the forehead elbows tucked down to the ribs; double cover position. B- The lead shoulder turns forward and rolls up to hide the chin. The lead arm runs down the side… Read more »

Dan Inosanto: The Most Prestigious

Guru Dan Inosanto had been exposed to the martial arts as a child but in his own words “I didn’t really take an interest in such things until I got to college.” His first serious involvement in the martial arts came after he had completed his term in the Armed Services where he was exposed… Read more »

The Tomo Ba Duan Jin – Eight Silken Brocades Qigong Form

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The Tomo Ba Duan Jin is one of the most well known Qigong sets. With some variation the movements of this form have been practiced for hundreds of years. The earliest historically documented recordings of the movements of this qigong set are dated to approximately 150 B.C. More recently very similar techniques recurred in Buddha… Read more »

Syllabus of Internal Arts Styles and Forms Taught at NWIA

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Yang Family Tai Chi Simplified Form 37 Form 108 Long Form Short Sword Form Long Sword Form Wudang Sword Form Saber Staff Spear Fan Ball 2-Person Fighting Set Push Hands Series   Chen Family Tai Chi Short Form Old Style Long Form New Frame Long Form Sword Form Staff Form Short Staff Push Hands Series… Read more »

Kids Martial Arts & Academics

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By Jennilyn Nelson “Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both….and surpass the result.” ~Tien T’ai The traditional martial arts always include an aspect of mental and spiritual conditioning as part of their training. The practitioner learns… Read more »

Muay Thai Round Kick:

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The Muay Thai Kick is an arcing movement that initiates in the hip. Unlike snapping kicks from other arts which rely on the strength of the quadriceps to power the strike, the Muay Thai kick incorporates the whole body. The Muay Thai kick derives it’s massive potential power from the core of the body and… Read more »

Jiu Jitsu Techniques and History

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

By Jeff Patterson 6/18/09 In the early 1900’s Esai maeda, a jiu jitsu instructor from Japan, went to Brazil. After arriving in Brazil Esai met Gastao Gracie who was a very well known prominent business man.  Gastao helped the Japanese immigrate to Brazil and helped them find work and residence. Esai was very grateful and… Read more »

Bruce Lee: Founder of JKD

Bruce Lee was a renowned icon of martial arts and originator of the theory of Jeet Kune Do. He was a dynamic figure, catalyzing the field of martial arts and leaving a pronounced legacy that still reverberates throughout the world. Sifu Bruce Lee’s was first introduced to the marital arts by his father from whom… Read more »