kids martial arts portlandKid’s Martial Arts is an amazing tool for developing discipline, focus and physical strength. It’s what most parents want their kids to develop, and have the confidence to be speak their mind and able to defend themselves if the situation ever arises.

This is only scratching the surface to what martial arts can offer for kids.

There’s one specific skill that can dramatically change a person’s life and through Kid’s Martial Arts training, and they’ll have something that 90% of the general population don’t know how to do.

Goal Setting

Simple, but what does it really mean to set a goal?

People set new year’s resolutions all the time, but many of those resolutions fall short and are easily forgotten.

It’s one thing to have a burst of excitement for 2 weeks and try something new and fall off, and it’s another to keep that excitement all the way through towards that goal and actually accomplish it.

It takes a bit of hard work and consistency, but all good things in life require that to be successful.

The key thing here is to break down a big goal (or a long-term goal) into smaller, easier digestible pieces. This gives a road map to the current goal that can be segmented, and gives small victories that turn into bigger accomplishments.

Maintaining this mindset is invaluable for all who participate in Kid’s Martial Arts.

Let’s break down goal setting into this formula:

Long-Term Goal – Intermediate Goals – Short-Term Goals – Daily action

Set the goal, and take the necessary day-to-day steps to build up to a smaller goal that ultimately accomplishes the bigger picture.

For example; in the martial artKids Martial Arts in portlands world, obtaining a black belt is one of the biggest accomplishments a Martial Artist can achieve. Getting that black belt takes time, and daily effort to make it happen.

Generally, to achieve a black belt in a Kid’s Martial Arts program takes 4-5 years.

This might seem like a daunting task for an 8 or 9-year-old, but having the right guidance and instill the value of hard work and consistency will make the journey simpler.

Help them see the benefits of daily practices which lead to smaller, more obtainable goals, and breaking their goals down helps the student get closer to their ultimate goal of black belt.

This is the true benefit to all martial arts practices, whether it’s Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae-kwon-do, Karate, etc., learning how to set a goal at a young age in a Kid’s Martial Arts program will make a student extremely successful later in life.

These are the building blocks for a student to master themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. A martial arts student will become so driven towards their goals that their desire to pursue and obtain the goal trumps the possibility of failure. Hopping through hurdles and hoops that leave unfazed.

They become an example for others to strive for and look up to, because of their unshakable will and confidence in achieving whatever else they want in life.

This is a Kid’s Martial Arts instructor’s dream, to instill this level of confidence within a student and give them the ability to goal set for themselves. Having them live a better life and be able to pass it down to others.

There is no such thing as an overnight fix, but through some effort and consistency, anything can be possible.

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