NWFA Muay Thai Phase 1 Beginner


 You have earned access to your phase.  Please do not redistribute it without permission.   Minimum training: 45 Classes Requirements checklist: 16oz boxing gloves Bag gloves Mouth guard *You must be in your full uniform *There will be a thirty dollar fee due one week prior to testing.     Click Here to view the… Read more »



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – White Belt w/ one stripe Minimum Training Time: 45 Classes   I.          Warm ups Shrimps Two foot Outside foot Inside foot Note: When shrimping do not lift hips.  Push with the balls of the feet and stay low to the ground.  Exhale when you extend for power…. Read more »

Qigong Form – Lift Heels

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Inhale – The fingertips of both hands stretch down toward the ground. Exhale – Slowly raise the heels until the ankles are fully extended. The fingers continue to stretch down. Hold this position for three complete breaths. Inhale – Sink the heels back to the ground. Repeat this Eight Silken Brocades qigong movement three or… Read more »

Muay Thai Technique – Right Straight Punch

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Right Straight Punch Body Alignments: With the Right Straight Punch the arm is 98% extended with the elbow pointing down. The chin is tucked and the shoulder is rolled up to cover the side of the jaw. The bones of the hand are in line with the bones of the forearm and the palm side… Read more »

Qigong Form – Hold Ankles

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  Inhale – The hands lift to the small of your back. Rest the left hand in the right palm on the Ming Men acupuncture point Exhale – Lean back, arching throughout the spine and spine and gaze up Inhale – Use the expansion of the inhale to draw your body back to center Exhale… Read more »