MMA Sparring and Standup Tips

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8 MMA Sparring and Standup Tips to Take your Game to the Next Level Standup and sparring are excellent ways to become a better MMA fighter. Strikes, including front kicks, hooks, jabs, and crosses should be practiced meticulously to be mastered. Let’s take a look at 8 MMA sparring and standup strategies that you can… Read more »

Using the Parry as a Defense against Straight Arm Strikes

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To be a well-rounded standup fighter, you need to be just as good on the defensive end of your MMA techniques as you are on the offensive end. Solid defensive skills can discourage opponents, as well as build up opportunities to strike when you see an opening. In the following sections, you will learn about… Read more »

MMA for Self Defense

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The Best MMA for Self Defense Whether you want to become an MMA fighter or not, you should enroll in a martial arts training program. It has a variety of benefits, such as it improves stamina and flexibility, increases your level of endurance, helps weight loss and teaches you self-defense. MMA training includes a variety… Read more »