To be a well-rounded standup fighter, you need to be just as good on the defensive end of your MMA techniques as you are on the offensive end. Solid defensive skills can discourage opponents, as well as build up opportunities to strike when you see an opening. In the following sections, you will learn about the strategies associated with the “Parry”, an effective defensive technique that will take your standup game to the next level.

MMA Technique

MMA Technique #1: Outside Parry

The outside parry is a basic block that you can use against a straight punch from an opponent. The key with this parry is to never over-commit. Otherwise, you will leave yourself exposed. With a parry, you don’t need to use much force. Basically, whenever you see a straight arm strike approaching, take your lead arm and deflect the punch to the side by pushing your hand behind the wrist of the approaching hand. To successfully perform these MMA techniques, you are simply slapping the punch to the side as it is coming towards you.


MMA Technique #2: Cross Parry

The cross parry is very similar to the outside parry, with the only exception being that you are pushing the approaching arm across your body rather than to the outside. This type of parry generally requires a little more timing, but is a great way to break past your opponent’s defenses. Note that you will be momentarily exposed when you perform this parry, so be wary about savvy opponents who might be able to recognize this.

MMA Technique #3: Inside Parry

The inside parry is more like a block than anything else. You are basically using your wrist and forearm to lightly push the approaching hand away. This parry does require excellent timing, but once mastered, can dramatically take your defensive standup MMA techniques to the next level. With this move, you are basically using the parry to counter a punch with your own punch as you step to the inside of your opponent’s defenses.

Portland MMA Technique: Kickboxing Combo #3



MMA Technique #4: Shoulder Roll

This is more of an off-handed parry that can be used to evade an oncoming punch. With this technique, you are basically rocking backwards while using your elbow to parry the punch that is approaching. The end result is a punch that moves just past the top of your shoulder. Advanced fighters use this technique to insert their own counter-strike whenever their opponent misses their straight arm strike.

MMA Technique #5: Bobbing and Weaving

A good way to become better at parry MMA techniques is to make sure that you incorporate bobbing and weaving into your movements. Bobbing and weaving should be done cautiously, because you if bob straight into a hook, you might get knocked out. When bobbing straight punches, make sure that you do it as if you were going to duck your head under the punch. Bobbing the punch means moving from side to side as the punch is approaching. Both techniques are equally as important for becoming better at standup.