Where Does BJJ Come From?

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Most people think that BJJ comes from Brazil (hence the name, “Brazilian” jiu-jitsu). But Where does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Come From? really? If you trace its origins back far enough, you’ll notice that it actually comes from Japan. Around 1914, a man by the name of Esai Maeda arrive in Brazil in an attempt to establish… Read more »

Will MMA Be an Olympic Sport?

Guillotine Choke

Asked any MMA fan and they’ll tell you that they’d love nothing more than to see mixed martial arts treated as an Olympic sport. But how feasible is this? Will MMA be an Olympic sport? Below we’ll cover both the reasons why MMA should and can become an Olympic sport, as well as why it… Read more »

MMA Tips for Fighting Bigger and Stronger Opponents

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In MMA, there’s no doubt that fighting a bigger, stronger opponent can be quite the challenge. Remember that just because two fighters weigh roughly the same, doesn’t mean that one of them isn’t stronger, taller, or bigger than the other. If you are a fighter with a smaller build and figure, use the following MMA… Read more »