Are our kids going to become sick and weak?


Each generation of American kids is less active and lean than the one before.  At this point toddlers are being clinically diagnosed as obese.  Many children are incapable of simple physical challenges like 10 sit-ups or push ups.  Play has become sedentary and moved onto the screen. Kids are expected to sit more then ever.  At… Read more »

Have Your Kid Succeed!

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If you are a parent worth your salt then this question of success is constantly on your mind. It’s difficult to answer though so don’t feel judged if you’re struggling with it. Here’s the breakdown of the challenge. We don’t know what they will want to be. We know the usual path of school doesn’t… Read more »

Boxing For Bullying?

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Since bullying is largely psychological, non-verbal harassment, and since it will only result in physical confrontation a small percentage of the time, can boxing be used to prevent bullying? First, let’s define the term “prevent”. In order to prevent something, you’re saying that you won’t allow something to happen. Thus, it could be said that… Read more »