JIu jitsu Chokehold Mastery

Do you practice Brazilian Jiu jitsu?

How is your submission game?

Is your chokehold game successful?

The Jiu jitsu chokehold game in Brazilian Jiu jitsu is not as common as it once was. Through the years many Jiu jitsu practitioners have gotten caught up in the whirlwind of new techniques and fads that have rushed through the competitive communities.

Then with the increased popularity of the sport many so called you tube experts have come up teaching the new generation what they have learned from watching videos.

The problem with this is they never were brought up drilling the fundamental principles that make the art of Jiu jitsu the amazing powerhouse it has come to be.

Many Jiu jitsu practitioners coming up in this new generation do not even know what they are missing.

The choke game is the heart of the attack game in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from every position.

In this video series you will learn:

1- Chokes from different positions
2- Chokes to set up other submissions
3- Chokes to set up reversals
4- Choke to control the fight
5- Strategies to make the choke game available
6- Counters to choke defenses
and Much more….

This four disc series will give you everything you need to know to develop a good solid choke game.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner you learn details to improve your game at all levels.

Here is what people are saying about the Chokehold Mastery series:

Learn the Flow of the Jiu jitsu Chokehold

I’ve trained with Professor Patterson for several years now and attribute everything I know to him. When I began training with him I was not a natural at all. I’d never been a fighter and was not confident in my ability. His guidance has led me every step of the way. I became stronger and began to dominate. Many would be happy with those results but we kept working. He helped get past brute force to effectively focus on flow and transition. Thanks to Professor’s insights I’ve been successful in competition, I’ve tapped out opponents who outweigh me by 100lbs of strength. Many of the chokes in this series are a vital piece of my game. As I continue drilling I will integrate them all. I can’t recommend this training enough. -Russell Hatch, Purple Belt 1 Stripe.

High Pay-Out Moves for a Better Choke Game…

This is a terrific set of BJJ instructional videos. The instructions are easy to follow and thorough with clearly visible demonstration. Also, the different chokeholds are practical for rolling situations that I often find myself in. This system has helped to clear up a little confusion that I had about my body mechanics when laying on an effective choke. My partner and I will certainly be using these for years to come. Thanks! -Camm

This will take your game to the next level…

Learning the concepts of these moves will help take your game to the next level. The teachings of Professor Patterson in this series link the techniques to the” game”. The “game” is what we train to learn. The “game” is understanding the application of the techniques so that we are more efficient mentally and physically. The instruction shows that keeping your opponent in constant threat of the choke creates many possibilities. Using this concept and understanding how to keep my training partners/opponents thinking about the being choked, has elevated my game. It is extremely satisfying to watch your opponent counter a few of your attacks only to fall right into the choke. Sometimes they even laugh/smile as its happening, because they know got beat by the game. This is the essence of jujitsu. Thank you Professor Jeff. -Carter Verhaeghe, Purple Belt 3 Stripe.

Check out the Chokehold Mastery DVD series now it will be one of the best investments you can make with your Jiu jitsu education.