GratitudGratitude and Appreciation with Martial Artse and Appreciation with Martial Arts. As martial artists it is easy to get caught up in the practice and forget to be appreciative of your practice. There are many things we need to be grateful for when we have the privilege of learning martial arts.

You want to be thankful for all those who came before you. Those who developed the martial art that you are learning and handed it down for generations.

There are many benefits that come from martial arts it has lasted the test of time and given strength, hope, confidence, focus and happiness to millions of people.

In the past studying martial arts was not a hobby or an option. It was what you did to protect yourself, your family and even your nation.

Today many people who practice martial arts are doing it for health, fun, inspiration, discipline and personal development.

One of the great things about using this practice for health is that it is always challenging you to be better. The mindset with martial arts training is to do your best at all times in everything you do.

If you approach life with attitude you will excel in many areas.

Gratitude and Appreciation with Martial Arts

Martial arts helps to keep you inspired by getting better and becoming more fun as the years of practice start to offer the benefits of your hard work.

It is easy to get tired or bored of running on the tread mill. It is similar every time you do it. Yes you can do different workouts on the treadmill and your fitness will improve, but it does not push the mind to new limits in many different areas. Martial arts will expand your awareness, increase your coordination, heighten your sensitivity and at the same time it will increase your fitness level.

Whether you are training martial arts for fun, fitness, competition or as a profession it is important not to forget to appreciate your efforts and acknowledge the positive energy you are putting towards your efforts.

If you have done martial arts in the past but have not experienced the benefits that I am listing here and you have any desire to, seek out another reputable school.

Gratitude and Appreciation with Martial ArtsIf you have never tried the practice and think that it would be fun it could be one of the best choice you will ever make.

Why do martial arts?

1- Improves health
2- Positive loyal community
3- Boost your inspiration
4- Gain confidence
5- Develop self-defense skills
6- Great family activity
7- Strengthen your mental and emotional stability
8- It’s fun
9- Enhance your creativity
10- discover more focus in your life

All of these are great reasons to pick up and maintain the practice.

If you are currently doing martial arts remember to “Thank yourself for your efforts.” It is easy to forget this. Keeping track of why we do this will offer added value and inspiration as you move forward.

One of my martial arts instructors always has us “show respect” before we train. This means to bow and show your appreciation for your efforts. This is for you, you deserve the respect and appreciation.

Be well