Tai Chi Is More Than Just Meditation

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So you keep hearing about the advantages of meditation, doctors, psychiatrists and many others are all touting the major health benefits of this ancient practice. Tai chi is more than just Meditation. You may have even been tempted to try it for yourself, but somehow the idea of sitting down and doing absolutely nothing or… Read more »

Beginners Sitting Meditation

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Beginners Sitting Meditation If you don’t have a sitting meditation practice yet set your self a goal of practicing it 15-30 minutes a day for the next two weeks. This will be a decent amount of time for you to make an evaluation of how important it is to your personal practice. With a simple… Read more »

Great Meditation Techniques

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Fundamental Meditation Techniques A basic sitting practice can help to reduce stress, regulate high blood pressure, help to overcome depression, increase your focus and the list goes on and on. In this lesson we will cover basic posture, breath, intent and a guide to start a meditation practice. The meditation techniques are to be used… Read more »

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

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Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief If stress relief is your goal in practicing the internal arts then your primary focus should be breath work. There are other components and exercises we will look into but breath gives us the most immediate access to our sympathetic nervous system and re-balancing in response to stressors. Though stress… Read more »