YouTube to Learn Martial ArtsDo you use YouTube to Learn Martial Arts? YouTube is the third largest used website on the planet. People go there for entertainment, education and just to kill time. Should you use YouTube to learn martial arts?

YouTube is good for somethings in regards to your martial arts training.

YouTube to Learn Martial Arts?

1- It keeps you thinking about the practice. The more you visualize and have training in your thoughts the faster you will grow with your practice.
2- Seeing new techniques sometimes offers inspiration and give you motivation to keep training and learning.
3- It also opens your eyes to things you may not have access to.

While these are a few positive notes to make there are also some negative ones. When using YouTube to Learn Martial Arts keep these ideas in mind as well.

2- Sometimes you will see techniques that look good on video, but are they are not practical at all and can leave you vulnerable.
3- Learning flashy techniques can sometimes be fun, but every seasoned martial artist knows that you need to build a good foundation first. When starting a martial art practice using this time to rep out your basics will offer way more value than ten times that time watching videos.
4- As a student looking for a place to train make sure the head instructor comes from a good background with his/her training. It is unfortunately common for instructors to claim the ability to teach a martial art when really they have had inadequate training. Many of them are only able to bring new information to their classes by watching videos.

As long as you approach your training with a good amount of desire and stay consistent you will progress well. Unfortunately there are no short cuts to being a high level martial artist. You need to be willing to put in the work.

It is however possible to grow fast in the arts if you have good instruction and guidance along the way.


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1- Safety and health. If you are at a school where injuries common you are not in a place with a good high-level instructor. There will always be injuries here and there with any physical activity, but they should not be the norm.
2- Martial arts are supposed to be part of your life when you learn to adopt this idea you will get the most out of the practice. There are so many lessons in the martial arts that have multiple applications some of the benefits being physical, mental and philosophical. When you are learning from a good instructor you will be able to apply these lessons in multiple areas of your life.
3- Train smart. To make martial arts part of your life you will need to evolve in your physical practice like you will with your education in the practice. When you are 60 years old you will not train like you did when you were 40 or 20. One of the many cool things about martial arts is that you can practice when you are 90 years old and still be inspired and benefit from the practice. You will only need to adjust your training to fit your changing physical and mental abilities through time.
Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to develop a successful practice and use the martial arts to be a valuable tool in your life. Get away from the screens and on to the mat. Have fun, train smart and stay focused.
If you are in the Portland, Oregon area check out NWFA we have an awesome community and will show you a great experience in the martial arts.

What some of our Students are saying:

“I’ve been here for almost 9 years, and every day I am learning something new. The coaches here are very inspirational, and I feel like it is my second family. When I get frustrated with things here I always tend to go and look at the quotes we have downstairs, and they always keep me motivated. I love NWFA!”
“I have been training BJJ at NWFA for almost two years, and over that time the school has become an essential part of my life. The staff is super-friendly and well-versed in the various curriculum, and the students have become my friends and training partners. All ages and abilities are welcome and appropriately ushered in – I started at age 36 with no previous experience, and have always been welcomed and encouraged. In the relatively short time I’ve studied here I have easily met and surpassed all my original goals, now I train more as a lifestyle with no intention of stopping. Thanks NWFA!”

One Last Member

“Ever since I started attending your classes I grew immensely within. It makes me feel like I matter again, like I really can be more than what I am. Our personal inner growth is everything. It’s the nurturing of the real you. Add the outer coherent coordination to that and see how your state of mind changes. How much your life changes. And how much you can handle now. Every time I step through those doors I forget the world completely and feel happy again. For that, and for creating that environment in the first place, I can’t thank you enough.”