Having good balance doesn’t only help you in martial arts – it can benefit you greatly in life. Will Muay Thai improve balance? Most certainly, especially if you supplement your training with exercises that focus primarily on improving balance. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can increase balance for this sport.

Will Muay Thai Improve Balance?

Will Muay Thai Improve Balance?

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Will Muay Thai improve balance?

Kicking and Balance

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your balance when throwing kicks? If so, this is a problem that you’ll want to fix as soon as possible! Most fights are lost whenever one fighter throws a kick, falls off balance, and then gets knocked out as a result. To avoid this happening, here are a few key tips to remember:

Always use your hands to counter your weight when throwing a kick. As you kick, your opposite hand should be swinging back. This will help keep you upright when throwing your kick.

Rotate your hips explosively when throwing your kick. The most powerful kicks result from a powerful thrust of the hips. This tip will also help you keep your balance when throwing the kick. If you fail to rotate your hips effectively, you’ll definitely fall off balance when kicking.

Keep your legs relaxed! Although simple, this tip is very important. If you put too much tension in your legs, your weight won’t be evenly distributed, and as a result, the rest of your body will be uneven when delivering the kick.

This last one actually tends to be a very common problem among beginner and experienced fighters alike.


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Toes vs. Flat-Footed Kicks

You’ll notice a dramatic difference in your balance when delivering you kicks on your toes compared to when delivering them flat-footed. For most fighters, it’s easier to fall off balance when you are flat on your feet. You’ll find that increasing your balance becomes much easier when you’re on your toes delivering the kick. Will Muay Thai improve balance, and if so, how can you increase the rate by which it happens?

Will Muay Thai Improve Balance?

Will Muay Thai Improve Balance?

Stand with your feet about shoulder’s width apart, and bend down and touch your toes. Keep your knees straight, and try to bend down as far as possible. If you can maintain this position for several minutes, then you’re actually pretty flexible already. If you can’t perform this stretch without cringing or experiencing pain, then try to spend a little more time on it to increase your flexibility.