Step up with the right foot setting the heels together with the toes of the right foot pointed to the right corner. Both hands begin to sink as you step up.


As the weight shifts into the right foot turn the center line to the right. This pulls the right hand back and out to the side. The arm is rounded and the fingers are pointing down and forward with the palm facing in. The left hand follows the movement of the right with palm facing opposite palm. The left hand is approximately the height of the lower ribs.

Sink into the right foot and turn the waist to the front. As you do so the left foot steps out into a cat stance. The left hand swings down to the outside of the left hip. The right hand swing forward to the right hip. Both hands are out in front of the body pointed at the same spot three feet below the ground. Right palm faces up. Left palm faces out.



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Yang Style Tai Chi Philosophy:

Needle at Sea Bottom – Know the twelve powers; 1. The power of speech and writing; 2. Attention and application; 3. Intellect and knowledge; 4. Intuition and inspiration; 5. Emotions and feeling; 6. Spiritual inner understanding; 7. Personality, the small I; 8. individuality, the ego; 9. aesthetics, the philosophy of beauty; 10. Artistry; 11. Love; 12. The power of creation.


Martial Application:

Shift the weight back and turn the waist. Use the lead hand to deflect a strike to the lower abdomen. Turn the waist to the front and sink to deliver a low angled strike with your right hand.

Every Tai Chi movement is said to have between three and thirty applications. The application listed is one example of how to effectively apply the movement.


Alternate Translations:
  • Needle at Sea Bottom (Haidizhen) [Liang & Wu]
  • Needle at Sea Bottom [Zhang Fuxing]
  • A Needle at the Bottom of the Ocean (Hai Di Zhen) [Foen Tjoeng Lie; Metzger & Zhou]
  • Looking for a Needle at the Sea Bottom [Chong]
  • Find the Needle at Sea Bottom [Zhao]



This information is meant for reference and to give an idea of the details involved in all Yang Style tai chi movements. In order to receive the benefits of an internal arts practice it is vital that you seek qualified instruction.

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