From the Stand on One Leg Right position – Start this tai chi movement by stepping down into a bow stance toward your left corner. The hands move into a “hold-the-ball” position with the left hand on top.

Turn the waist to the center, drawing the right foot up into a cat stance position. Step out to the right corner with the right foot. Begin rolling the ball forward as the weight starts to shift into the right foot.

When the “ball” is horizontal with the right palm facing the chest and the left palm facing out continue the momentum of both hands. The right forearm rotates until the palm is facing out above and slightly forward from your brow. The left palm pushes forward until the arm is 75% extended.

Transition to Work at Shuttles Left – Shift the weight smoothly into your rear foot. Let this begin draw your hands into a “hold-the-ball” position with your right hand on top. Shift the weight forward into the right foot as the hands finish their movement. Mirror the movements above to Work at Shuttles Left.



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Yang Style Tai Chi Philosophy:

Work at Shuttles – Meditate on the qualities of light, effortlessness and giving.


Martial Application:

In response to a two handed shove: The lead arm scoops under the push and redirects the opponent’s force up without countering their momentum. This exposes the torso and the rear hand follows with a strike or push to the exposed ribs.

Every Tai Chi movement is said to have between three and thirty applications. The application listed is one example of how to effectively apply the movement.


Alternate Translations:
  • Work at Shuttles (Yu Nu Chaun Suo)
  • Shuttle Back and Forth (Chuansuo) [Liang & Wu]
  • Fair Lady Works with Shuttles [Zhang Fuxing]
  • Throwing the Loom (Left and Right) (Zuo You Chuan Zuo) [Foen Tjoeng Lie; Metzger & Zhou]
  • Shuttling Between Left and Right, Fair Lady Works at Shuttles [Chong]
  • Works at Shuttles (LR) [Zhao]
  • Jade Maiden Works at the Loom



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