Women's Self defense in PortlandI’m starting to get the hang of some of the foundational moves involved in Muay Thai self defense. So far, I’ve participated in three classes and I’ve worked with three different partners. I’m learning a lot from Coach Russell and watching his strikes and kicks, but I’m also learning a lot from the people I’m working with one-on-one, even those who are newer to marital arts and self defense. Each person I’ve been paired with has been a female about my size, and they’ve all been fun to work with. What I find really cool is that for some students, after having taken classes for a couple months, they are able to notice when my form isn’t right or give me tips I need to improve my skills.

Muay Thai Self Defense Video:

Everyone is there to some extent for the same reasons. Some people are looking more for a good work out, or started taking Muay Thai with Coach Russell, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of the structure of the classes, but I really like the way they’re set up. The majority of the time being spent with a partner keeps the classes challenging and interactive.

Self DefenseFor me, taking a class among people of varying skill levels can be intimidating when I haven’t done something before; but the nice thing about Muay Thai self defense is that the techniques are relatively easy to pick up, and then it’s more about improving your form, speed or ability to perform the skill. I can absolutely say that I have left every class so far feeling great about my performance and feeling ready to do it again.

Also, as a fair warning for anyone who is thinking about trying kickboxing, it will probably be the hardest you’ve ever worked out and you will be sore after the first few classes. But it’s worth it!