Pad Holding 101
Part 1 of 3 for our mitt holding tutorial videos.
1) How to hold the mitts
2) How to avoid injury to yourself and your partner
3) Basic movement and leading the dance

Focus Mitts 102
This is part 2 of 3 for our mitt holding tutorial videos.
1) How to properly punch the mitts & common mitt holds for straights, hooks, uppercuts, etc…
2) Tips on working with a partner in an orthodox stance (right-handed person), to a southpaw stance (left-handed person)

Focus Mitts 103
This is part 3 of 3 for our focus mitt holding tutorial videos.
1) Timing and holds for the Thai 1-2
2) Giving good feedback and checking your boxer
3) Pushing outside of your comfort zone

Thai Pads 101
Here is part 1 of the Thai Pad series we will be putting out. In this video I cover the following:

1) How to hold the pads to avoid injury
2) Rested position and staying in rhythm
3) Breathing and vocalization

A quick note to add to #1, one more reason to not over tighten the Thai Pads is that it can cause wrist and arm sprains, as the pads have no give and all the rotation transfers into our forearms.

Thai Pads 102
Coach Stephen and Coach Daniel are here with the second part of our Thai Pad holding series.
In this video we cover:
1) Holding for punches – This is a little review from the mitt holding series with some adjustments for holding Thai Pads.
2) Elbows – Proper holds for horizontal and diagonal elbows to avoid injury.
3) Knees and Kicks – Holding for knees and Thai kicks to the leg, body, and head, along with holds for foot jabs, sidekicks, and back kicks.
Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below and we will look forward to seeing you in class!