jiu jitsu

There’s no doubt that involvement in the martial arts can help improve your body and your mind. But although the number of martial arts participants in the U.S. reached 3.58 million in 2016, there are a lot of people who don’t quite understand the differences between these various disciplines. If you have an interest in signing up at your local martial arts studio but aren’t really sure where to start or what kind of class to take, fear not. This quiz can help you determine your priorities and which discipline will be the best fit for you. Just answer the questions below, tally your answers, and look to the key at the bottom of the post to find out which option will be most appealing.

  1. Your top priority for martial arts training is to:
    A. Lose weight
    B. Master self-defense
    C. Improve stamina and endurance
    D. Gain strength and balance
  2. You consider yourself to be:
    A. A bit out of shape
    B. Healthy with room for improvement
    C. Quite fit with a love for exercise
    D. Mentally and physically strong and steady
  3. Your current exposure to or experience with martial arts can be described as:
    A. Lacking or gleaned only from movies
    B. Moderate with some previous experience
    C. Limited but with an interest in acquiring skills
    D. Not impressive but keen to learn more
  4. Your current age bracket is:
    A. 25 to 35
    B. Under 18
    C. 18 to 24
    D. 35 and up
  5. You’d consider an added bonus for your martial arts education to be:
    A. Accessible and easy to understand
    B. An exciting sporting event
    C. An incredible workout
    D. A meditative experience

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY A: You should sign up for kickboxing classes! Also sometimes referred to as Muay Thai, this will provide an incredible full-body workout that can increase agility, mobility, and core strength. There’s a good reason why Muay Thai is considered to be an excellent way to lose weight. You can burn 600 calories or more per hour by engaging in this activity and changing your body for the better.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY B: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes may be your best bet! BJJ provides a great workout, to be sure, but it’s also an excellent form of self-defense. Whether you decide to grapple only in competitions or take your knowledge out into the real world, you’ll learn how to execute key moves properly during your Jiu Jitsu studies and can feel confident in your abilities. It’s also a good option for younger people who want to try out a new martial arts discipline, though it’s appropriate for participants within a wide age range.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY C: You might want to try out Taekwondo! This kick-focused Korean martial art includes cardio and aerobic exercise and allows you to develop your core, stamina, and endurance during training. It’s a high-intensity discipline that often involves weight training and other conditioning tools. In other words, it’s not necessarily well-suited for exercise novices. But it can be a great match for those who want to take their fitness to the next level and learn more about ancient disciplines.

IF YOU ANSWERED MOSTLY D: We suggest Thai Chi! If you’re looking for a way to de-stress and restore balance to your life, this gentle discipline may be more your speed. It’s a fantastic option for older people who want to increase their flexibility and balance while reducing anxiety, but it originally started as a form of self-defense. If you’re not into a hard-hitting workout but want a more holistic approach to martial arts, you may want to start here (regardless of your age).

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