Muay Thai BlogI sort of ate my own words after my last Muay Thai class. There actually are some techniques that take some time to learn.For example, there is a move that involves kicking Thai Pads your partner is holding, one knee at a time. It sounds and looks pretty simple; but for me, this was one of the most challenging forms to get down! It was the combination of kicking a pad with one knee while extending the back leg and switching that stance that threw me off. It helps to have an encouraging partner to work with, which I had. I’m sure that repetition over time will help.

I’ve found that the more I worry about how I look and the more self-critical I am during class, the less I focus on what I’m doing, and consequently, my form isn’t great. In fact, it’s pretty bad. But when I quiet the critical voice in my head, I am able to give it my all and I feel a big difference in the impact of what I’m doing. This is also when I tend to get more positive feedback about my form, my punches and my kicks.

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There is certainly more to be learned from martial arts than the physical aspects. Getting the physical moves down is important, but having a mental mindset that doesn’t get in the way is too.

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