What Do You Learn MMA Training? What does a typical MMA practice look like? What should you expect physically? These are a few of the many questions that most aspiring fighters are going to have regarding this sport. Below, we’re going to help outline some of the exercises and drills that you should expect when training MMA.

What Do You Learn MMA Training?

What do you do in MMA training?

Heavy Bag Training

What do you do in MMA training regarding heavy bag training? Punching bag drills, or heavy bag training, is amongst the more common things that you’ll be doing when training MMA. Heavy bag training offers a variety of benefits, including improved aerobic fitness, more powerful punches, and greater accuracy while boxing. During MMA training, you’ll usually be required to hit a heavy bag while it’s moving around in a circle, thus, forcing you to work on your footwork since you’ll need to punch the bag at just the right angle to develop enough power to make it circle once again.


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Jiu-Jitsu Sparing

Depending on the MMA academy that you’re training at, you might be training with a kimono, or you might be training without one. Either way, expect to participate in a fair amount of grappling during your practice sessions. Jiu-jitsu is a quintessential part of MMA. Without a solid foundation of grappling under your belt, it will be difficult for you to become a well-rounded fighter. For this reason, expect MMA training sessions to involve both the learning of grappling techniques, as well as jiu-jitsu sparring.


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Cardiovascular Training

Mixed martial arts is a very physically demanding sport. It isn’t uncommon for fighters to spend upwards of 10 minutes in the octagon fighting! Because of this, a large portion of your time in MAM training is going to revolve around some form of cardiovascular training. These cardio based routines might be incorporated into the martial art itself (like boxing sparring or jiu-jitsu sparring), or it might be a separate regimen on its own (jogging, squats, push-ups, hammering tires, etc.). When training MMA, you’ll likely experience the greatest level of fitness than you ever have in your entire life.

What Do You Learn MMA Training?

What do you do in MMA training?


Shadow Boxing

What do you do in MMA training regarding shadow boxing? Shadow boxing means that you aren’t boxing with another person. It is designed to help you practice your form by forcing you to “visualize” an opponent in front of you. Shadow boxing is usually performed by fighters as a warmup prior to them stepping into the octagon to fight or in the ring to spar. Not only does shadow boxing help you work on your punch combinations, but it also forces you to put more thought into your footwork, which is a huge part of becoming a much more dangerous boxer.

What Do You Learn MMA Training?

These are just a few ideas there is a life time worth of learning with this great practice.