noahOne of the biggest problems facing many kids today is a lack of self-esteem. Very few of us are born with a natural sense of self-esteem, it is something that must be nurtured and built up over our lives. With a true sense of self-worth, many kids tend to fall victim to being picked on when they are very young and eventually this can lead to being bullied. As a parent it falls on you to find ways to build self-esteem in kids that can help your child get off to a good start in life.

There are many different ways to build self-esteem in kids ranging from working with your child on your own to enrolling them in martial arts classes. Wait; did I just say martial arts classes? Most people are under the impression that the majority of martial arts are nothing but a form of fighting that can be used for competition or for self-defense. Both of these are true as these practices are indeed used for both, but there is far more to them than a series of orchestrated movements.

In order for your child to become proficient enough in a martial art to be competitive or to defend himself from a bully, he must master many different skills. Some -like standing at attention properly- are easier to master; others, such as the forms in Tai Chi can take years to master. However, you cannot look at them in such a simple manner. Since you’re looking for a way to build self-esteem in kids, you need to look at them in a different light.

What you need to realize is that every time your child masters, no matter how complex or simple it might be, it can boost his self-esteem. When his instructor praises him for finally standing at attention without moving, it adds a little more to his sense of self-worth. If you follow this up with praise of your own for a job well done, you only add to the effect.

Self-esteem for kids comes from a sense of accomplishment, something that enrolling your child is going to get plenty of every time they step into the dojo or gym. A good instructor will take the time to work with every child that comes to him or her for training to ensure that not only do they master the skills but that they learn to perform every step flawlessly as this is the only way that they are going to develop a true sense of self-confidence.

By practicing their chosen martial art, your child will become confident that they will be able to handle any situation -like a bully at school.  Building self-esteem in kids is perhaps one of the most important steps you and the instructor at your chosen school can take. It will give them the confidence needed to not only deal with bullies at school, but to go on to lead a successful life.

The Critical Connection: a technique to help you guide your child to Self Esteem and Positive Behavior