Does it seem like your child keeps coming home from school having run into the local bullies and come out on the losing end of the ordeal far too often? Are you tired of buying him new backpacks, pants, school supplies because the bullies break or steal them? If this is the case, you need to teach your child how to stand up to bullies so they and you no longer have to deal with the problems that a bully can bring into their world.

As a parent, the last thing you want is for your child to have to deal with the trauma of being picked on, teased and finally physically bullied at school or on the way home. When your child lacks the skills necessary to stand up to bullies, it can deliver a serious blow to their self-esteem. Over time the more these attacks go on, the more damage they are going to do to your child’s psyche, it may even get to the point where you have to put them in counseling to help them come to terms with the situation.

If you do not take the time while they are young to teach them or have them taught how to stand up to bullies, you may be condemning them to a life where they never have the self-confidence reach for and achieve their goals. Since this is not what you want for your child, taking the time to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools and skills needed to help them overcome a bully is a very important task that you must accomplish.

The ability to stand up for yourself is a very important life skill, but for most of us it is not one that we are born with, rather it is one that we must be taught. With this in mind, your role as a parent is to take the right steps to ensure that you child is equipped with the skills necessary to help them stand up to bullies, rather than fall prey to them.

Given the dramatic increase in bullying that is occurring in schools today, many parents are turning to martial arts as a way to help their child learn to stand up to bullies.  Once you enroll your child in a martial arts class, they will learn the fine art of self-defense. In martial arts self-defense and the ability to deflect and deflate rage are taught before fighting skills are taught. It is not always necessary to strike attacking blows in order to defeat a bully; often by showing them that they cannot succeed in their bullying any more is sufficient to stop it in its tracks.

Here is a video  on how to help your child with bullies: