• Portland Jiu-jitsuAlternate leg circles Left and right.
  • Bicycles
  • Shrimping
  • Forward shrimps
  • Scooting forward and back (from sit up or 3pt guard)
  • Sit up guard to knee scoot.
  • Shrimp to turtle and sit out.
  • Leg scissors
  • Pendulum and rocking single leg.
  • From back to up on elbow in sit-up guard.
  • Shoulder rolls a- Alternate back roll to knee and foot tap. b- Forward and back rolls. c- Backroll to knee and foot tap and walk from right side to left side and back.
  • Inversions from sit-up guard (Cross one leg under and turn into inversion).

*Once these are memorized it is important not only to rep these but to also shadow roll. You should be able to flow from any of these into another with ease and stability. When shadow rolling think about the sense of enemy, frames, structure, controls, grips, using all four quadrants, etc.. You do not want to blindly go through the movements make them as real as you can.

Examples of some Guard Retention Drills

Guard Pass Progressions

  • Clear all or partial points of control
  • Grip or pin control
  • Change angle off centerline
  • Close distance
  • Change level
  • Pin


Basic Guard postures

  • Sitting a- Square b- 3 point
  • On Back (Supine)
  • Turtle

*You need to be comfortable transitioning to and from all three of these positions.