Eskrima for Self-DefenseEskrima for Self-Defense

There is a reason why the Special Forces, the Military and Law Enforcement choose to study Eskrima. Eskrima for Self-Defense is one of the most practical forms of self-defense in the world.

One of the ideas that has always drawn me to the practice of Eskrima is how they teach in concept more than technique. Many Martial Arts will teach you a thousand techniques, which can be mind numbing to say the least.

With Eskrima you will learn the concept of a certain defense then learn to apply in 10-100 different ways. The incredible benefits from this form of learning are that you get to practice the same energy over and over and use it with different weapons. This is essential for your success in any self-defense scenario.

If you have ever been in a fight before you know that the jumping spinning back kick is most likely the furthest thing from your mind. You need to be able to perform the simple practical defenses under high levels of pressure.

When I am training an amateur boxer for his/her first fight I will only show them about 12 techniques. If you have ever studied boxing before you know that there are 1000’s of techniques, drills and strategies to work on.

The idea of only giving them a few things to perfect will allow them to be more successful when the pressure is on.

With Eskrima training the concept allows you to do more with less clutter. You perfect the simple practical movements that will be needed if you ever have to use them in a fight situation.

A simple example of this idea is the inside sweep defense to a forehand strike to the head either with a weapon or empty hand. I will only list a few possibilities but you will get the idea of training the concept.

1- The first defense to this strike could be with a single stick. First, strike or block with the stick to the inside of your opponents strike either hitting his weapon or arm. Then check the hand with your free hand as you strike with your stick hand.

2- Second application you have a dagger. Now when you’re opponent strikes cut with the blade to the inside of his forearm check with your free hand and slash with your dagger hand.

3- The third and last example you will have two sticks. Block to the inside of you opponents strike then either hit the weapon of the hand with the second stick as you hit the body with the first stick.

All three of these movements are identical in motion so you only need to remember the one concept, but can apply it in many many ways.

To learn more about the art of Eskrima either look us up if you are near the Portland area by entering your information in the box to the right. Or check out These Video’s that will help you get a good start to learning this amazing martial art.

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