Boxing glovesCan Boxing Gloves Be Washed?

Boxing gloves are a piece of your boxing arsenal that will start to stink over time. And not just that – they’ll start to accumulate bacteria and fungi that could potentially be harmful to your health and those you train with. Can boxing gloves be washed? Definitely. Plus, there are plenty of ways to keep them smelling fresh as well, which will be discussed in the sections below.

Prevention is the Best Solution!

The best thing that you can do to lessen the amount of times that you’ll need to wash and sanitize is to take preventive measures from the beginning. This includes making sure that you don’t leave them in your training bag when you get home. Moist training bags are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, so letting your gloves sit in there overnight is going to ensure that they smell horrible in the morning.


With that being said, let your gloves air out! When you get home, keep them in an area that is well-ventilated, and preferably not moist. Without an ample amount of moisture, it can be difficult for bacteria to breed. If you live in a region where it rains a lot and spontaneously, a sheltered balcony would be a perfect place to leave them to hang overnight. Remember, prevention is always better than having to deal with the problem after the fact.

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Cleaning Your Gloves

If you were to ask a professional boxer, “Can boxing gloves be washed? And if so, how?” they would almost all answer the same way: “Wrap them in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer overnight. This seems like a bizarre plan, and not one that most boxers think of when they think of cleaning their gloves. But it actually works quite well, and the reason is because freezing the gloves will end up killing a lot of bacteria.

For any bacteria that are left behind, simply use anti-bacterial spray on the exterior and interior of your glove, followed by letting it air out once more. It’s also been said that fabric softener dryer sheets are another effective way for dealing with the odor associated with boxing gloves. Remember that keeping your boxing gloves clean isn’t just so that they smell better. The main reason you should do it is to prevent bacteria and fungi buildup, both of which can affect your health and/or skin.